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3 Marriage Tips from an unlikely source

Basic real deal marriage tips comin' at ya!

(First of all, let me tell you this, Dean and I check every single box for the statistics that say we should have been divorced long ago. We have been married for almost 23 years now. Only God, and I am not just saying that. So, with that being said, I don't know everything, I didn't have a good example of marriage in my childhood so these tips will all be based off of experience or just my two sense.)

1. Y'all need to I say this because I know how easy it is to let old hurts and hang ups take a toll on your relationship. Once you talk and apologize when going through some hard things, that really needs to be the last time it comes up. I know its hard because sometimes trust is broken. When this has happened to us, when and if thoughts creep in, I remind myself that I am in control of my thoughts, that the Bible tells me I can take my thoughts captive, and if they are not from God, I can throw them out! I literally say it out loud sometimes. BYE FELICIA!

2. Just do it! Sorry if you are a youngin' reading this. I can't tell you how important sex is in a marriage. It is the only thing that creates the intimacy that no other relationship has. It binds you together, syncs you two in a way that nothing else can. Guys, you need to be talking to your spouse regularly about this topic. Be honest with each other and work together! If you have to, schedule it on your calendar! I know, weird, right? There are seasons when it just seems impossible to include that in your evening. When you have littles, or family stressful stuff going on, or just plain tired, it gets put on the back burner. Don't let that happen, friends.

3. Laugh it out!! Don't forget to be silly and laugh! We can get so caught up in all the things that we never dance in the kitchen or make each other giggle. Play a board game, or go to a funny movie, invite friends over and talk about your most embarrassing moments. Create space for silliness. Don't take yourself so serious. Life is too short. Play some Snoop Dog and get yo 90's dance moves on!

In conclusion, 3 tips for today are: let it go, just do it, and laugh it out. We are 2 very imperfect people choosing to love each other no matter what.


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