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Date Nights are key

Date nights are essential in a marriage. I mean like, schedule everything else around it. Importante, honey.

I know that life gets crazy and busy but listen, at the end of the day, you have a partner and if you aren't connected it WILL effect your everything. I can't stress this enough. I know that there are some days you don't feel like dating your spouse, or they are driving you crazy, (sorry honey, I still think you are sexy), I totally get that but all the more reason to intentionally carve out time for just the 2 of you. When our kids were younger, I remember feeling so alone and those date nights were life giving. Even if we sat in silence. Just to be seen, to actually get out of sweats and put on a little make up. It was my saving grace. 22 years later and we still love our date night. We don't even have to get a sitter anymore, praise the Lord.


1. Obviously, dinner is always fun. Try somewhere new, have a fun cocktail that you wouldn't normally have.

2. Small town theaters have the cutest little productions. Plus, you are supporting a local small business.

3. Winery or Brewery

4. Hike! Get outside.

5. If you can't find a sitter, put the kids to bed and have a picnic in your room. Those were some of my favorite times. Low on money and 4 kids, make some real memories, I love when my husband and I have inside jokes from those fun and unusual date nights.


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