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How to End Mindless Snacking

If you follow me on social media at all, you know I am the snack queen! I love all the crunchy goodness. Salty and sweet! I have been better lately and thought I'd share some tips on how to, hopefully, put an end to mindless snacking. Some of us do this because we get bored, are emotional, or just craving a certain thing. So, here are some tips.

1) Plan your food out for the day. (even snacks) I like to go ahead and write what my food looks like for the whole day. Don't skip a meal or your snack. When you get hungry, or hangry, you'll be tempted to grab anything and over indulge. Your other brain,(stomach), will most likely rule the decisions you will make.

2) Plate it up! Even tho they are snacks. Go ahead and get a plate out and put everything on it. I'd sit away from your work space and phone so that you can fully enjoy your snacks. Make sure your plate has a protein, healthy fat, and veggie. Eat real, whole foods.

3) Drink water first. Make a big ole' cup of water and drink that before each meal or snack. You could even try putting some fun flavors in it. I like lemon or lime and mint. So yummy and feels like a treat!

I hope this helps, y'all. It has sure helped me. Some fun and easy snacks I wanted to share with y'all are:

cucumber and hummus,

celery and peanut butter,

avocado toast.

These are some of my "go to" snacks. Hope y'all enjoy. DIG IN!


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