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Have y'all seen a jackfruit before? They are HUGE! These big, prickly things are packed with a million nutrients and until a few months ago, I had no clue what they were. I started out by finding some pre-seasoned jackfruit packets because who knew what they'd taste like. Some people use this fruit as a meat sub and it's mild flavor allows you to add spices and sauces, easily.


There are a few flavors that come in these packets. They are super easy to heat up and I am addicted!!! My kids love it too. You can find these packets over in the produce section where the vegan cheeses and tofu is. You can also find jackfruit in the canned food section, plain, if you would rather add your own seasonings/sauces. This tex mex flavor is my favorite at the moment. I make nachos, tacos, and tex mex bowls with this goodness. There is really so much you can do, use your beautiful imagination, friends.


Jackfruit Tex Mex Bowl


tex mex jackfruit packet

mango pico de gallo


black beans

regular salsa

pickled jalapeños


shredded Cheese - if you are not dairy free or use vegan cheese


Start piling it all in a bowl. Start with the rice, then add the jack fruit (after you heat it), black beans, mango pico, regular salsa, and top with cheese, avocados, and jalapeños. (Can you believe I am currently out of avocado's?)

The options are endless! Wrap this all up in a tortilla, or throw it over some tortilla chips. Add all the extras! Enjoy something new and fun this summer!

If you are what you eat, this week, I am a Jackfruit and I am not even mad about it.

Stay healthy and happy,



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