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Skinny vs Healthy

I have something to talk about, y'all.

I am not a fan of programs that promote "skinny" results. I did not become a health coach to promote beauty and a size small. I am frustrated that most ads are geared for a size x small or x large. Most of the world is a medium - large. I am a medium. No matter what workout I do or how I am eating, since 8th grade, medium has been the norm. If I choose to not eat at all or let myself get consumed with every single calorie that I put in my mouth and how many hours I am working out, I could reach the all coveted size small. But, IS THIS HEALTHY? Noway! Not one bit and could lead to a real problem, even possibly, an eating disorder.

However, I am a huge fan of this....

Feeding your body what it needs! Creating healthy habits (mind and body). Encouraging women to be happy with themselves no matter what the size or scale says. Eat to live, don't live to eat. Its all about how you feel! Move and breathe every day.

That's my soap box on skinny vs healthy. Let's focus on healthy and not use the words skinnier or thinner when we share our wellness goals. I am telling you, too many people reach their body goals and are still miserable. There is more to life. It's short. Make the wiser choice. Go all in on it all!!


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