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Happy Morning Yoga Flow

Child's Pose-

Set your hips back, reach arms forward. I like to have my big toes together and knees wide so that my chest can fall to the mat.

Start breathing. 4 seconds in - 4 seconds out.

5 good deep cleansing breaths.

Low Lunge-

Step forward with one foot, front knee over ankle, reach arms up, sink hips toward the mat.

Keep breathing. 3 Breaths here.

Switch legs.

Cat / Cow

Come to table top, knees hip distance a part, feet directly behind your knees, shoulders stacked over your wrist. Leading with your tail bone arching the back, gazing up, inhale. As you exhale round your spine, drop your chin. Go between the 2 moves inhaling and exhaling slowly - about 5 times. Take your time.

Downward Facing Dog-

Tuck your toes, lift with your hips, push your hands in to the mat. Hips up to the sky. Press heels in to the mat one at a time. Chest toward your thighs. Spread your fingers apart.

Deep breathes 3-5.

Keep Breathing!

Child's Pose, again.

Drop your knees and press your booty back toward your heels.

4 deep breaths.

Come to a seated position. Reach both hands up, clasping at the top.

Inhale lean right, exhale come back to middle.

Inhale lean left, exhale to middle.

Repeat 3 times.


Bring hands to knees.

While sitting this might be the place you pray or repeat a verse or positive affirmation over yourself and your day.

Have the happiest most Blessed Day ever!!!


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