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Holy Yoga, say what?

This, right here, is a picture of my space. It's my favorite chairs, my desk, my plants, to the right above my desk are some cute pics of me and my main squeeze, and more importantly, my yoga mat. I am so thrilled to be on this journey. I signed up to take holy yoga training just thinking I was going to learn all the cool poses, and the names of all the animals, haha! Wow, it is so much more! What is Holy Yoga, you say?

Most of our training so far, is Bible study, the deep deep stuff that makes you ask questions and desire to really sit in God's presence. It is about 20 hours of work, mat time, bible study, class, and life group per week. Holy Yoga incorporates all the regular yoga moves and poses but is completely centered around Christ. It is basically a time to breathe, meditate, worship, and move your body all in submission and adoration to Jesus. (Insert a "yes, Lawd!" from Madea)

Did you know yoga, the movement and actual practice, was not started as a religious act but that the hindu religion adopted it to use as part of theirs. Yoga is actually not attached to any specific religion. (There are a few that have taken on the practice as a part of their worship, to their gods. ) Like prayer, so many religions pray but the question is WHO are you praying to. I was always so confused by all of that so it has been really cool to learn about the history of yoga.

At this point, week 4, I am confused, overwhelmed, nervous, and completely confident that this is what I am supposed to be doing. I hope to post a video or 2 soon, so be ready!


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