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Vacay Workout

Hey y'all, it's vacation season! Holy cow, it sure is! We have had to rearrange some of our plans for the summer due to ole' Rona. It's still gonna be a good one! We recently went to the beach for a few days and I am determined to exercise each day, even if its just for a bit. So, I want to share a good 15 minute work out you and your family can do while on vacation or if you just don't have time for a longer one. No equipment, all you need is your stop watch on your phone.

I know sometimes we have this idea that we should be "off" while on vacation. Off from healthy eating, off from workouts, off from everything but I think we should still do something, even if its small. Getting out of the routine and putting on vacation weight can set us all back and we find our selves starting over. We need our mindset to shift. It's a lifestyle we should just lean in to and learn to love. I know its hard sometimes but in those times is where the real transformation happens. Push through. You'll be thankful you did.


I am going to give you 3 "circuits"-do each circuit 3 times. You'll do the exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 20. Here are your "circuits"...

1.high knees and plank

high knees for 40, rest 20, plank 40, rest 20 etc. (3X)

2.sumo squats (legs are wider than hips, toes facing out) and pushups

sumo 40, rest 20, pushups 40, rest 20 etc.

3.jumping jacks and full sit ups

ah you get the picture... ha

If you are feeling real good and have some time, run through each of these 5 times. I'm proud of you for taking to time to get a little workout in! Way to go, way to make your health a priority. Now go! Have a good day!




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