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Rice Cake Snacks!

If you are looking for a healthy staple for summer snacking, this is it. These rice cakes are low in calories, gluten free, and sturdy enough to hold a whole pile of goodness. Here are a couple of options on how to top these guys.

One is sweet and one is savory.

Here is a sweet option -

Plain rice cake with any kind of nut butter, (I love sun butter, have you tried it?).

Drizzle a little honey,

Top with blueberries,

Sliced bananas,

and hemp seeds.

There are so many other options for toppings,

like, chocolate chips, raisins, oats, strawberries,

blackberries, get creative!

Let your kids pick some stuff and make their own little creation.

You can make them savory too!

Plain rice cake, spread any kind of hummus,

(I love garlic).

Top with sliced cucumber,

Sliced 1/2 avocado,

Sprinkle some Everything but the Bagel

seasoning from Trader Joe's.

WOAH BABY! mm mm mmmmmmm

Other ideas are - lunch meat, sliced olives, spread guac, tomatoes.

Again, you could really get creative and

make this a real yummy savory treat.

I hope this gives you some out of the box, healthy, low calorie snack options!


One Happy Poppy


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